Category: health care marketing

1 12/22/2015

With coupon programs, drug industry hides ballooning costs of expensive new medicines


The hospital-media partnership: promoting public health or inducing public demand?

9 6/24/2015

MD gets direct mail about screening – says she “can’t stand this anymore” a la Howard Beale

10 6/18/2015

Questions about Mayo Clinic deal with Minneapolis TV station

1 6/11/2015

Proton beam therapy claims refuted by urologists on Twitter

1 4/7/2015

Step right up and be the first in your region to get robotic surgery for ___?___

2 4/7/2015

Surgical robot news release puffery – here a 1st, there a 1st, everywhere a first 1st

8 3/18/2015

Dissecting press release puffery – Trudy Lieberman guest post


Cleveland Clinic Tweets Misleading Claim That Lives On and On

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud