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Sponsored content: Boston Globe + Pfizer = News? Really?


Stem cell hype: Join the conversation


Stem cell ads: Promise much, deliver little


A newspaper’s murky partnership with a regional oncology center: boosting revenue but misleading readers

1 5/11/2017

Why we should all be wary when PR machines promote phase 2 studies

3 4/10/2017

FDA approves 23andMe’s at-home DNA test, but bathroom scale may work just as well for predicting health

4 4/3/2017

‘Fake breakthrough, fake news:’ One physician-researcher’s takeaway on news coverage of MS drug Ocrevus

5 9/8/2016

Cancer Miracle Mongering by City of Hope


Where are the TV ads to “educate” patients about the negative Opdivo lung cancer trial?

1 7/26/2016

Selling stem cell claims via sponsored TV news – “horribly wrong” health news