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2 4/7/2015

Surgical robot news release puffery – here a 1st, there a 1st, everywhere a first 1st

8 3/18/2015

Dissecting press release puffery – Trudy Lieberman guest post


Cleveland Clinic Tweets Misleading Claim That Lives On and On

2 12/22/2014

Monday health news roundup: mostly gems, one dud


Evaluating evidence in media messages about breast cancer


Pitt urologist peaved by prostate CA ads in NY Times & New Yorker

2 10/31/2014

Radiologists’ free mammography infographic leaves out vital info


Sit back & watch urologists go at it over robotic surgery claims


Robotic roundup: Useful? Or little clinical value?…”robotic invasion”…outpaces evidence

2 7/1/2014

Watch World Cup, get free skin CA screening – more hospital marketing