Category: health care marketing

2 5/2/2013

Hooters, Surgery Tweeters, Media Manipulators – a marketing roundup


The allure of “Michelle Obama Arms” – Lifting the hype bar on upper arm lift surgery


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8 4/4/2013

Drug marketing blamed for increase in ADHD diagnoses


Robotic surgery safety/marketing concerns in Boston Globe & NY Times stories


Oh No! No disclosure of Ohno drug company payment

2 2/7/2013

How the same “independent” sources pop up in competing stories – or, is this the scientific embargo version of insider trading?

2 1/14/2013

Colonoscopy, conflicts of interest, and cautionary tales


Yale’s Harlan Krumholz: 5 Things You Should Know On The Myth Of Tamiflu


Cyberknife ads – one example of increasing excess of hospital marketing