Category: Health care reform

6 3/3/2016

“Medicare for All” vs. “Government Plan”: Nuance matters in coverage of health policy choices


Podcast: 10th anniversary of an unusual medical group

9 7/1/2015

When patients speak – some hear golden tones and others noise

10 5/11/2015

Politics & misleading Medicaid statistic


Proton beam: should a news organization “partner” with providers to promote in the face of intense debate?

1 7/30/2013

If you have low back pain, chances are increasing that you won’t be treated based on best evidence

2 1/16/2013

Trudy Lieberman starts “Medicare Uncovered” series

2 11/21/2012

As ACA unfolds, local health care turf wars erupt

2 10/25/2012

Two more “more is not always better” reminders


Noteworthy health care documentaries