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  • Jan 6 2012

    Ten Commandments of “the new therapeutics”

    Sometimes I blog things that I see just to ensure that I have a place to keep them.  This is one of those times. Because this is a keeper. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog re-posted a list from BMJ blogger Richard Lehman – Ten Commandments for excellent clinical practice. The New Therapeutics: Ten Commandments Thou shalt treat [...]

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  • Jan 6 2012

    Troubling TV news ethical issue – often on health news – now being reviewed by FCC

    “TV newscasts are increasingly seeded with corporate advertising masquerading as news — and the federal government wants to do something about it,” reports the Washington Post. It’s an issue that may have arisen more often with health news than with any other topic.  A quick (and probably incomplete) scan of this blog shows we’ve written [...]

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  • May 25 2011

    Questions of bias in Medtronic-funded analysis of sterility in spine study

    John Fauber of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in collaboration with MedPage Today, reports another in his series of reports on conflicts of interest in health care research. It begins: “Since 2002, the medical device company Medtronic and a group of doctors with financial ties to the company were aware that its new biological agent used [...]

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  • Apr 26 2011

    Questions about academic freedom in continued scrutiny of Seroquel trial suicide

    Yesterday I saw journalists refer to the Wakefield autism/vaccine story as one that won’t go away. In the Twin Cities – but with a following far beyond this metropolitan area – the case of the suicide of a young man named Dan Markingson while in a trial of Seroquel at the University of Minnesota is [...]

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  • Apr 21 2011

    Pfizer’s $100,000 Fellowships in Bioethics – a bioethicist’s view

    On his bioethics seminar’s “Fear and Loathing in Bioethics” blog, Dr. Carl Elliott has commented on – first – the announcement of applications for $100,000 Pfizer Fellowships in Bioethics. This is a screenshot from the Fear & Loathing blog: And here’s a screenshot from the blog post on the awarding of this year’s $100,000 Pfizer [...]

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  • Apr 6 2011

    Who You Gonna Believe? American Psychiatric Association & Ghostwriting

    Paul Thacker, an investigator with the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), writes: The blogosphere lit up with several posts on the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) refusal to print a letter critical of a medical textbook they published with help from the ghostwriting company Scientific Therapeutics Information. We covered it at POGO here ,and Dr. Bernard [...]

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  • Feb 8 2011

    Minnesota Regents refuse to review psych trial suicide: Twin Cities media react

    The Star Tribune reports: The University of Minnesota’s Board of Regents has turned down a request by eight professors and ethicists to review events surrounding the suicide of a participant in a clinical psychiatric drug trial.…While noting the tragedy of the death, the letter stated, “we do not believe university resources should be expended re-reviewing [...]

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  • Oct 15 2010

    Bioethicist to Wyeth: “Walk it Off, Crybaby”

    To cap off a week on this blog that featured several posts about drug industry influence on medicine or on journalism, here are excerpts of Dr. Carl Elliott’s column on the Hastings Center’s Bioethics Forum: “…consider the indignant letter posted recently in PLoS Medicine by an attorney for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Apparently, Wyeth is upset about [...]

  • Aug 30 2010

    Story of Medtronic’s Infuse product – from revolutionary advance to public health alert

    There are many stories journalists could report about conflicts of interest and questions about evidence in the treatment of low back pain, perhaps especially with spinal fusion. We talked about many of these with journalists from the American Society of News Editors in a workshop at the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making in Boston [...]

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  • Aug 20 2010

    “Hazards of market-driven research” – look back at ethical quagmire at University of Minnesota

    On, Susan Perry previews a piece in next month’s Mother Jones magazine by Dr. Carl Elliott of the University of Minnesota about the suicide of a young man who was enrolled at the time in a University of Minnesota industry-funded clinical trial of the antipsychotic drug Seroquel (quetiapine). Perry writes: “It’s a disturbing tale [...]

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