Category: Journal practices

2 11/22/2013

Nuts and death – journal animated video explanation


More evidence that being published in a journal sometimes doesn’t mean much


Peer review helps slow down spin on how studies are reported


British journal blogs fire cross-Atlantic salvoes at JAMA, NEJM


Of mice and men: problems with animal studies highlighted in a new light


A journal editor calls for quarantine of “groundbreaking studies about new treatments”

2 2/12/2013

Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time observational studies are miscommunicated. It just seems that way.

2 2/7/2013

How the same “independent” sources pop up in competing stories – or, is this the scientific embargo version of insider trading?

22 2/5/2013

Should We Trust the NEJM Obesity Mythbusters?


Sound Medicine radio program profiles work of