Category: Limits of observational studies


Medical journal news releases CAN make a difference

5 7/2/2015

Shut up and sip your coffee – says Slate

1 6/10/2015

A flawed news release, and the resulting coverage, of a study on breastfeeding and leukemia


Weak reporting of limitations of observational research

1 5/26/2015

Don’t tell cat lovers that Fluffy may increase their glaucoma risk


Continued problems with inconsistent & adjacent news releases from BMJ


Unsupportable ‘cat therapy’ stories score high on cuteness but low on quality, even though many of us probably don’t care….(and have never heard of the word zoonoses)


Does a hospital’s high Facebook rating mean it’s a higher quality hospital?

2 4/10/2015

Some news goes overboard on overweight protecting against dementia

1 4/9/2015

Mixed news media messages on “shorter stature may pose higher heart disease risk”