Category: Limits of observational studies

1 1/22/2015

Coffee & melanoma: add to annals of abused translation of observational research


Cleveland Clinic Tweets Misleading Claim That Lives On and On


Evaluating evidence in media messages about breast cancer


Flawed news about skirt size-breast cancer observational study

4 9/3/2014

European Society of Cardiology added to News Release Wall of Shame

1 8/21/2014

Misleading PBS story: Study shows prostate cancer risk rises in male cyclists over 50


Yay for a BMJ journal news release for including caveats about an observational study!


Wording on “Low vitamin D boosts Alzheimer’s/dementia risk” is wrong

3 7/29/2014

6th time I’ve called out BMJ news releases on observational studies

7 6/11/2014

BMJ news release on red meat & breast cancer may have misled reporters again