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  • Mar 19 2012

    BMJ news releases, observational studies, overstatement

    Canadian physician-blogger Yoni Freedhoff writes, “What Reading That White Rice and Diabetes Study Actually Told Me.” He analyzes methodological issues, questions the BMJ publishing the study, then adds: But that’s not the truly shocking part. This is. The BMJ published an accompanying editorial that rightly called the paper out on its methodological and statistical inadequacies and [...]

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  • Mar 13 2012

    Red meat study/stories deserve a closer look, too

    Physician-blogger Marya Zilberberg, a professor of epidemiology at U-Mass, Amherst, writes,”Unpacking the meat data.” She says a study from Harvard – and news coverage of it – about how red meat is bad for you “deserves some unpacking.” Excerpt: The investigators examined two large observational cohort studies totaling over 100,000 subjects and tried to estimate [...]

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  • Mar 2 2012

    Please read our primer on observational studies

    If you follow health care news in mainstream media, you’re going to be flooded with news from observational studies – research that is not a true experiment but, rather, what is seen by observing people doing different things over time. It’s valid and important research but one thing we can’t lose sight of:  such research [...]

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  • Feb 29 2012

    Sleeping pills may kill 1/2 million: another example of journalists confusing association and causation

    The following is a guest post by Harold DeMonaco, MS, a member of our editorial team, and Director of the Innovation Support Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences he holds a bachelors degree in pharmacy and a masters degree in therapeutics.  He has [...]

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  • Feb 24 2012

    Observational study miscommunication of the week: citrus & stroke

    A spin around the Web today will give you many stories about citrus fruits and women’s stroke risk. Citrus Fruits May Lower Women’s Stroke Risk – WebMD But in the body of the story there’s not a word about the limitations of such an observational study.  Only this quote: “Our study supports the conclusion that [...]

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