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  • Aug 12 2009

    MRI imaging payments – a case study in the health care reform struggle

    In another fine example of its dedication to important health care journalism, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel published a piece, “Debate on MRI payments just one hurdle for reform.” Gems in this piece include: Information on the Access to Medical Imaging Coalition, a group backed by the major manufacturers of imaging equipment, including GE Healthcare. The paper [...]

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  • Jun 29 2009

    There’s always another test you can do. We have a problem saying “We’re done now.”

    That quote comes from a Minnesota physician in a Pioneer Press article that includes many good elements: Info on disparities in Medicare spending; Dartmouth Atlas data and graphic; Local angle on Atul Gawande’s New Yorker piece . Kudos to reporter Jeremy Olson.

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  • Feb 15 2009

    Virtually no news about virtual colonoscopy questions

    Newer is not always better. Evidence is important. Simple themes, oft forgotten in health journalism. Back in October, an Atlanta Journal-Constitution story talked of the wonders of virtual colonoscopy, saying it replaced the dreaded colonoscope and lessened patient risk. It used these words to refer to the technology: “science fiction, Star Wars, video game, Disney [...]

  • May 5 2007

    Medicare rejects depression device the media helped hype

    Wish I had a nickel for every story about vagus nerve stimulation that trumpeted it as a treatment for depression. This week, Medicare rejected Cyberonics’ implantable nerve stimulator, saying the device, the VNS Therapy System, hasn’t been shown to be necessary. The $25,000 device is already approved for epilepsy. Cyberonics wanted to expand its use. [...]

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  • Apr 7 2007

    60 Minutes on pharma influencing Congress – but why so late?

    If you didn’t see 60 Minutes last Sunday (April 1), go to their website and read the story and watch the video link for the segment called “Under the Influence.� It’s the story of the incredible manipulation of Congress by the drug industry that took place to get the Medicare Part D legislation passed. Excerpt: [...]

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  • Mar 14 2007

    Medicare Advantage sign-up dirty tricks

    On the listserv of the Association of Health Care Journalists, a journalist raises an important issue that we don’t hear enough about. That journalist wrote: “May I suggest that while Washington is obsessing about Walter Reed, the rest of us should be paying attention to what’s happening in our back yards in the run-up to [...]

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