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New hope in the epidemic of binge-drinking rodents: Aussie lab sparks premature claims on old drugs as addiction treatments


NFL-affiliated neurosurgeon downplays concussion risks in Penn State news release

5 4/7/2016

5 tips for writing better health news headlines


Questions, answers and lessons from the Maryland chocolate milk/concussions debacle

1 4/1/2016

U of Maryland review: researcher on flawed chocolate milk/concussions study failed to disclose big dairy donations  


Vegetarianism doesn’t cause cancer, despite what many news outlets reported this week


School district suggests its football players never participated in troubled U of Maryland chocolate milk/concussions study


Maryland tries to run out the clock on public records requests related to chocolate milk study

2 2/19/2016

MIT’s misleading PR headline on autism

2 2/18/2016

Public institutions in Maryland still ducking basic questions about chocolate milk and concussions study