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7 11/25/2015

Informed patients need one thing not provided in SPRINT trial news: what were the absolute benefit/harm numbers?


Trends in health care news releases that lead to public confusion

2 11/9/2015

Do published SPRINT study results live up to premature NIH news release hype?

2 11/4/2015

Mayo spins rosy tale on Cologuard cancer screen — ignoring costs, false-positives and other crucial context

2 10/21/2015

How well do hospitals support breastfeeding? Depends which media outlet you read


“Real-life gaydar”? A news release sparks headlines that get ahead of the evidence

5 9/30/2015

Chicago Tribune repost of news release sets new low for churnalism

4 9/29/2015

The Twitter health news hype machine

5 9/23/2015

Better late than never, FDA to hold long overdue safety hearing on Essure sterilization device


Where does the hype come from? A news release/news story comparison