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Maryland tries to run out the clock on public records requests related to chocolate milk study

2 2/19/2016

MIT’s misleading PR headline on autism

2 2/18/2016

Public institutions in Maryland still ducking basic questions about chocolate milk and concussions study

4 2/12/2016

Yale hype could raise false hopes for myeloma cancer patients


Five Star Friday – news releases that shine or stink


Chocolate prevents preeclampsia? How a medical society’s poor PR helped drive this misleading message

2 2/5/2016

Can we cure our insatiable need for medical miracles?


Fiber and breast cancer risk: holes in Harvard news release set stage for misleading news coverage

2 2/2/2016

Sunshine or more stonewalling? Maryland’s latest chocolate milk disclosures dodge the difficult questions

5 1/28/2016

Health news headscratcher: How did a message about colonoscopies turn a full 180 degrees?