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Camembert kills cancer? Cheesy headlines distort preliminary rat study


Podcast: Real harm to real people from shoddy PR news releases


“Slow-chewing” study news release begs a mouthful of questions

2 1/13/2016

University of Maryland launches institutional review of chocolate milk study first flagged by

2 1/12/2016

How universities can avoid the next chocolate milk/concussion debacle

9 1/11/2016

Why won’t the University of Maryland talk about the chocolate milk/concussion study it was so eager to promote?


Whose Vox? Science/health story via news release


2015 year-end report card on the news stories and news releases we reviewed

4 12/22/2015

Why does psychiatry so often get a free pass on standards of evidence?

8 11/25/2015

Informed patients need one thing not provided in SPRINT trial news: what were the absolute benefit/harm numbers?