Category: overtreatment

6 8/25/2015

New DCIS study, news release lead to (very) mixed messages: ‘And we wonder why patients get confused’


Wrong forces drive osteoporosis treatment – despite evidence of lack of benefit

5 7/13/2015

Is it time to digitally re-examine the PSA test?


“More accurate than traditional biopsies” and other misinformation about a new prostate cancer test from NY-Presbyterian Hospital


Lown Institute Right Care conference: we’re treating lab results – not patients


The Friday file of things I wish I’d addressed earlier

1 10/1/2014

My article kicks off 5th Annual Health Literacy Month Blog Series

1 9/4/2014

See it, stent it: the Oculostenotic Reflex


Does “Manopause” really warrant one of TIME’s 52 covers this year?


The unvarying story of health care variations – Dartmouth Atlas on children’s care