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The Friday file of things I wish I’d addressed earlier

1 10/1/2014

My article kicks off 5th Annual Health Literacy Month Blog Series

1 9/4/2014

See it, stent it: the Oculostenotic Reflex


Does “Manopause” really warrant one of TIME’s 52 covers this year?


The unvarying story of health care variations – Dartmouth Atlas on children’s care


Reflecting on one little paper in Science 40 years ago – Jack Wennberg’s legacy

1 9/9/2013

When the word “cancer” corrupts thought and action. Labeling hurts. The words matter.

1 7/30/2013

If you have low back pain, chances are increasing that you won’t be treated based on best evidence

3 7/29/2013

Cautions on cancer screening, overdiagnosis and overtreatment


Journal editors decry the paradox of mental health: overtreatment and under-recognition