Category: Politics & health

9 8/4/2015

21st Century Cures Act: A huge step backward for FDA standards


Arizona Republic tracks state law allowing do-it-yourself lab testing

4 6/19/2015

Coverage of FDA’s trans fat decision a high-water mark for health journalism

10 6/5/2015

Astroturfers rule the day: FDA’s flibanserin reviewers were “emotionally blackmailed” by a slick lobbying campaign

10 5/11/2015

Politics & misleading Medicaid statistic

4 4/27/2015

Imbalanced NPR political story on new draft mammography guidelines

3 4/22/2015

Why so little news about Medicare Advantage plan rate increases?

1 4/21/2015

Roundup of Media Messages on the New Mammogram Guidelines

30 3/16/2015

Water fluoridation and ADHD: Newsweek wades into the quagmire


Over-reacting to French president’s BPH: a pissing match over a benign condition?