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Minnesota Public Radio applies truth squad to former Gov's health care claims


Osteoporosis screening recommendation: was there a delay and, if so, why?

2 1/13/2011

Bioethicist reminds Cheney about value of tax-funded R&D & of advance directives

2 12/22/2010

Durenberger: "At no time in our history have we been more dependent on good reporting "


Congressman Harris Goes to Washington – and finds he has to wait on health benefits


Former Senator continues to blast MN governor on health care

8 11/1/2010

Gov't. agency prostate cancer screening expert resigns; meeting cancellation the reason?


Health care political rhetoric on the eve of the midterm elections

2 10/26/2010

Let's hope there isn't political pressure on prostate CA screening recommendations


"A world of free lunches" – including payment for IMRT & proton beam for prostate CA