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Podcast: Christie Aschwanden – 1st in our series on standouts in health care journalism


False positive mammograms and cancer risk: An epidemiological whodunit

1 12/1/2015

A patient’s perspective on recent prostate cancer screening news

8 11/25/2015

Informed patients need one thing not provided in SPRINT trial news: what were the absolute benefit/harm numbers?

2 11/5/2015

Pointless CNN piece hypes the health effects of being left-handed

10 10/13/2015

This flu season, let’s immunize ourselves from the annual infection of exaggerating relative risk reductions  

4 6/12/2015

CDC, Sandman, and finding an “honest” appraisal of e-cigarettes


“More accurate than traditional biopsies” and other misinformation about a new prostate cancer test from NY-Presbyterian Hospital

1 5/26/2015

Don’t tell cat lovers that Fluffy may increase their glaucoma risk

5 3/17/2015

The headline I wish I’d seen about the new PCSK9 cholesterol drugs