Category: Risk communication

4 4/10/2013

Familiar pattern in stories of male pattern baldness & heart disease

8 2/6/2013

Five year survival rates can mislead – message to medical educators, medical journals, journalists and the public

4 12/17/2012

Pediatricians’ statement on thimerosal in vaccines


Epidemiologists call them “absolute risks”; you and I might call them the real numbers

12 3/13/2012

Red meat study/stories deserve a closer look, too


“Stop inappropriate, expensive & perhaps even unethical radical therapies for a condition that by itself does not kill”


CDC fixes holiday pitch after getting aspirin advice wrong


FDA publishes “Communicating Risks & Benefits: An Evidence-Based User’s Guide”


“Think Inside the Box” – call for plain English facts labels about Rx drugs


A leading health policy issue for 2010-11: communicating tradeoffs in screening test decisions