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1 3/10/2017

News outlets sound alarm over ‘skyrocketing’ colon cancer in millennials. Is it a false alarm?

1 2/28/2017

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1 2/13/2017

The harms of cancer screening: It’s time to get personal

2 1/30/2017

Do we need more screening for sleep apnea?

1 1/10/2017

Overdiagnosis of ductal carcinoma in situ: ‘the pathology equivalent of racial profiling’


WHO exposes deceptive promotion of industry-supported FRAX osteoporosis screening tool


Detecting breast cancer from tears? Facebook video news story is just long enough to mislead

44 10/5/2016

Ben Stiller’s misguided prostate cancer recommendations aren’t based on evidence

8 9/20/2016

‘Zero deaths’ from breast cancer? NBC viewers misinformed by puff piece on screening test