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A couple of docs react strongly to NYT “Well” blog post on vitamin D screening

2 6/27/2014

The long list of warnings about community screening programs is getting longer


Which journalists reported an extra dimension on the 3-D mammography story?


Sam’s Club serves up a Father’s Day prostate special. Such a deal!

1 6/11/2014

GE’s “Let’s Talk Mammo” blames media, downplays false positives

4 4/4/2014

“Check ’em Tuesday” and CoppaFeel campaign strong on promotion, weak on evidence


Nuanced balance is not easily communicated on latest mammography study


“Simple” blood test to predict if you’ll be alive in 5 years? Please….


Thyroid cancer: “not an epidemic of disease but an epidemic of diagnosis”

1 2/5/2014

When your doctor recommends a test: another “Less is More” example