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7 5/5/2015

Questions about ‘80% by 2018′ campaign to boost colorectal cancer screening

5 5/4/2015

Breast cancer to rise 50 percent by 2030? Hey, not so fast!

4 4/27/2015

Imbalanced NPR political story on new draft mammography guidelines

1 4/21/2015

Roundup of Media Messages on the New Mammogram Guidelines


How much overdetection in cancer screening is acceptable?

12 2/20/2015

CBS promotes “essential/critical” screening tests but never mentions over-diagnosis

1 2/17/2015

Sensational language – scary & fawning – in USNWR story on Cologuard colon cancer test


Two noteworthy breast cancer articles: women who turn down mammography…and questions about precision medicine


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Alan Cassels guest blog post: PSA test – good myths die hard