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1 10/6/2014

Do we need an “Awareness” Awareness Month? Or more giant testicles pushed cross-country?

6 10/3/2014

Breast Cancer Action says Stop the Distraction – others call for a different awareness focus


More conflicted, imbalanced prostate information from FOX News

1 10/1/2014

My article kicks off 5th Annual Health Literacy Month Blog Series


Duluth newspaper tackles commercial screening test questions


Evidence/balance lacking in Philly story on “Don’t Fear The Finger” campaign

1 8/22/2014

Dr. Peter Bach on “Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap”


Here’s how the new FDA-approved colon cancer test could have been covered


Smart journalism scrutinizes cancer screening issues

4 7/11/2014

One physician’s story: An Egregious Example of Ordering Unnecessary Tests