Category: Shared decision-making

2 9/23/2015

DCIS dilemma: Dr. Laura Esserman podcast

6 9/10/2015

Half of Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes? Really? What does that mean?

3 6/9/2015

Why did last week’s mammography study get so much news, but the DCIS study didn’t?

7 5/5/2015

Questions about ‘80% by 2018′ campaign to boost colorectal cancer screening


Lown Institute Right Care conference: we’re treating lab results – not patients


Stop blaming “demanding patients” for driving up health care costs


Two noteworthy breast cancer articles: women who turn down mammography…and questions about precision medicine


Sunday summary of other noteworthy health care news


Evidence/balance lacking in Philly story on “Don’t Fear The Finger” campaign


The BBC interviews two of my favorites on risk literacy & shared decision making