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3 1/20/2015

“Potential biomarker that could predict”? – caveats about psychiatric brain imaging & blogging about it


Proton beam: should a news organization “partner” with providers to promote in the face of intense debate?


Questions about the ice bucket challenge

1 8/22/2014

Dr. Peter Bach on “Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap”

2 7/11/2014

Creative YouTube videos by MDs can educate & entertain


Dueling diseases…competing cancer causes…my cancer is worse than your cancer


A patient advocate’s powerful piece on Lisa Bonchek Adams and the Kellers’ criticism – the DCIS Sea of Uncertainty


Do social networks spread or drown health & science news?


Breast Cancer Action Webinar – Separating Hype from Hope: Breast Cancer Media Literacy

3 5/21/2013

Warnings about drug company-funded mental health websites