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Vegetarianism doesn’t cause cancer, despite what many news outlets reported this week

6 3/3/2016

“Medicare for All” vs. “Government Plan”: Nuance matters in coverage of health policy choices


Half-baked coverage of potatoes and gestational diabetes


Calling out BS on “Promoted stories”

1 8/25/2015

The Cleveland Clinic dumps McDonald’s: important symbol of change or PR lip service?


Problems behind chocolate study “fooling millions” run much deeper than just a prank/spoof/sting


BBC takedown of exaggerated jogging study gives a second helping of bad advice

5 3/19/2015

Nick Bilton blames readers for not knowing who Joseph Mercola is

5 3/18/2015

Why is the New York Times turning to Joseph Mercola as an expert on cancer risk?


Why we look for independent perspectives in health/medicine/science news stories