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  • Jul 12 2013

    Transcranial brain stimulation for everybody? I’ll choose the safe Luddite route.

    Journalist Tabitha Powledge, on the National Association of Science Writers “On science blogs” blog, writes: Steven Novella has an alarmed and alarming post at Science-Based Medicine about, a device for providing transcranial direct current stimulation to the brain. For gamers. (“Overclock your brain!” “Make your synapses fire faster. Faster Processor, Faster Graphics, Faster Brain!”) [...]

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  • May 27 2013

    Mice confused by Alzheimer’s research – our 3rd “whom to believe?” example this month

    For the third time this month, we have a classic confrontation of competing, conflicting story framing from journalists on a medical research topic. (See our earlier post about the previous two examples.)  This time, it was a question of breakthrough or flop…reject dramatic findings or verify them…sometimes presented both ways in different articles posted by [...]

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  • May 23 2013

    Dr. Stephen Colbert on sunblock, “the silent killer”

    Important news leading into a holiday weekend. Stephen Colbert was back this week with another segment of “Cheating Death” on his Comedy Central program.  He went off on news coverage of a study suggesting that sunlight exposure may help lower blood pressure.  Colbert’s reaction:  “That’s why I call sunblock the silent killer.” Follow us on [...]

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  • May 10 2013

    BMJ blogger: new cars for orthopedic surgeons and petomania still not an Olympic sport

    BMJ blogger Richard Lehman’s weekly review of medical journals is worth a weekly visit. This week he comments on a New England Journal of Medicine article, “Surgery versus Physical Therapy for a Meniscal Tear and Osteoarthritis.” He writes: “To my mind, the words “meniscal tear” conjure up Monday morning at the surgery, with young men [...]

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  • Apr 30 2013

    The allure of “Michelle Obama Arms” – Lifting the hype bar on upper arm lift surgery

    Fact:  the US spends a far greater percentage of the Gross Domestic Product on health care than any other country on earth. Suggestion:  trends like the following, and news stories about these trends, may be a big reason why. Caution: You need to sit through a 15-second commercial before seeing the news video, which, itself [...]

  • Nov 27 2012

    It works for rap, why not for health care speak?

    “Health Care Reform Gangnam Style,” is the headline of a clever column by Lisa Suennen on The Health Care Blog. Her premise:  if a company can get a $15m venture fund investment to interpret rap lyrics, why isn’t anyone hitting on what she calls the “number one market opportunity: explaining healthcare speak to the masses.” [...]

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  • Nov 27 2012

    Researchers examine web promotion of female genital cosmetic surgery

    Last week, the online journal BMJ Open published a paper, “An analysis of the content and clinical implications of online advertisements for female genital cosmetic surgery.“  The researchers examined “the breadth, depth and quality of clinical information communicated to women” on 10 popular provider websites that promoted female genital cosmetic surgery (FGCS).  Their conclusion: “The [...]

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  • Oct 12 2012

    “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” magazine – reviewed in BMJ and Quackometer

    Dr. Margaret McCartney, who helped launch the site we wrote about yesterday, has a piece in the BMJ this week, “What a new consumer health magazine doesn’t tell you.”  (Subscription required for full access.) Excerpts: “It looks just like any other magazine on the shelves of the newsagent aimed at middle aged women: glossy, [...]

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  • Oct 5 2012

    Stephen Colbert: Cheating death…and battling Low T

    Oh, this is a classic. My favorite line:  “The numbers don’t lie….or explain anything about what they mean!”   The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Cheating Death – Low T Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive

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  • Apr 25 2012

    Health News Watchdog rejects colon hydrotherapy offer

    Just last month I first wrote that some of these Groupon-like offers are getting a little crazy. Now,within the past 24 hours,I’ve seen Groupon-like offers for: laser toenail fungus treatment (evidence questionable),       another MRI scan offer for “headache prevention screening” (!!??!!).         But my favorite was a Living Social [...]

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