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  • Jan 24 2014

    “Reducing health anxiety by shutting down certain newspapers”

    In his weekly journal review on a BMJ blog, Dr. Richard Lehman writes about a study published in the Lancet: This trial of cognitive behavioural therapy for “health anxiety” was an enormous undertaking: “Of 28 991 patients screened, 444 were randomly assigned to receive either adapted cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT-HA group, 219 participants) or standard [...]

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  • May 29 2013

    Ed Yong’s “Guide for Scientists on Giving Comments to Journalists”

    Ed Yong, on his “Not Exactly Rocket Science” blog, advises on what science journalists are looking for when they come calling for independent perspectives. Of 8 things on that list, he leads with this: “Weaknesses. The most important things you can tell me about a study are its weaknesses. Are there inaccuracies in the paper? [...]

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  • Apr 9 2013

    3 items in this week’s news with caveats about various screenings: pap, PSA, oral

    Pap smears Under the headline, “Doctors Too Pap-Happy,” HealthDay reports: “Most primary care physicians advise women to get “Pap” tests for cervical cancer screening more often than clinical guidelines recommend, new research reveals.” PSA tests Reuters Health explained: “The American College of Physicians (ACP) became the latest group to ask doctors to be clear about [...]

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  • Feb 1 2013

    From the request line: review of Yoga and Atrial Fibrillation study

    We can’t always accommodate requests that come to us from followers, but when a journalist asked us to analyze a study on yoga and atrial fibrillation, we saw an opening.  Harold Demonaco, MS, one of our story reviewers and active guest bloggers, offers his analysis. ———————————- I should point out that I have a conflict [...]

  • Oct 2 2012

    Good stuff on the HealthCetera blog of the Center for Health Media & Policy

    If you haven’t visited this site, you should.  The latest post, for example, is “When should we start talking about it?” about palliative and hospice care. Other recent posts include: How the media reports on human trafficking is critical State Health Insurance Exchanges:  Say What??? Calling All Nurse Writers Keeping Older Adults At Home The [...]

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  • Sep 5 2012

    The quarterback of hypertension control – how’s the score look?

    Hypertension has been and still is a significant public health problem.  Today’s Vital Signs  from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the magnitude of the problem and provides some common sense approaches to improve the poor performance on the part of the healthcare delivery system.  One of our story reviewers on, Harold [...]

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  • Aug 8 2012

    Food choice & traffic lights

    The following is a guest post from Harold DeMonaco, MS, one of our story reviewers on  The opinions are his. ————————————————————————— In April of this year, I wrote a guest blog post in which I suggested that healthcare workers did not seem to be very good role models with regard to obesity.  While a [...]

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  • Apr 24 2012

    I’ll take a pack of cigarettes, a large soda and a package of pork rinds

    The following is a guest post by Harold DeMonaco, one of our expert editors on and Director of the Innovation Support Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital. —————————————————————————– While researching a totally different topic, I ran across a recent article published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic [...]

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  • Apr 21 2012

    My talk to Association of Health Care Journalists 2012 annual conference, Atlanta

    Association of Health Care Journalists annual conference, April 19, 2012, Atlanta View more PowerPoint from Gary Schwitzer Brandon Stahl of the Duluth News Tribune wrote a recap of the session for the Association of Health Care Journalists website.

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  • Feb 15 2012

    Former Pfizer exec: Maybe it’s time for pharma to drop TV ads

    JohnLaMattina, former Pfizer president of R & D, has an article on, “Maybe It’s Time for Drug Companies to Drop TV Ads.” In it, he reflects on: Paula Deen pushing a diabetes drug; the “intent and implication” of erectile dysfunction ads; and Dr. Robert Jarvik hawking Lipitor, among other topics. And he concludes: “If [...]

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