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  • Sep 16 2011

    Journalists weigh in on Pfizer-pfunded & other pharma-phunded journalism “events”

    Andrew Holtz updates us on what he calls Pfizer’s “attempts to co-opt journalists” by sponsoring various journalism “events.” As Holtz notes, it’s an old and sore subject with me. Several concerned journalists within the past two years have criticized the National Press Foundation (NPF) for accepting Pfizer money for all-expenses-paid trips for journalists to come [...]

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  • Sep 9 2011

    Review of “The Fall of the Faculty” – meddle management

    As one who resigned a tenured faculty position last year in order to devote fulltime to my current web publishing (and related) efforts, I enjoyed Carl Elliott’s review in the Wall Street Journal of the book, “The Fall of the Faculty.” Elliott writes that author Benjamin Ginsberg… “…argues that universities have degenerated into poorly managed [...]

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  • Sep 7 2011

    Bruce Dan, MD-health communicator, dies

    16 months ago I blogged about my old friend Bruce Dan’s struggle with acute myelocytic leukemia. His wife posted a note yesterday that Bruce had died. He was one of the good guys: doctor, teacher, communicator, comic, husband, father. Bruce was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Association of Medical Communicators in 2010. [...]

  • Sep 2 2011

    September health blog rankings – we keep climbing thanks to your interest once again has shared with me a sneak preview of their new September health blog rankings – soon to be posted on the Wikio site but here’s your early look: 1 Well 2 Kevin, M.D. – Medical Weblog 3 Science-Based Medicine 4 Respectful Insolence 5 Pharmalot 6 Health Beat 7 In the Pipeline 8 [...]

  • Sep 2 2011

    Food fear-mongering by “The Doctors”

    “Trust me, you’re going to be shocked….we all should be a little bit afraid.” That’s how “The Doctors” TV show teases one of its programs, along with this: “Each year, millions of chemicals are poured into American foods. From doughnuts to fresh produce, The Doctors reveals the toxic ingredients lurking in your grocery bag. And, [...]

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  • Aug 2 2011

    Blogger’s 10 of the strangest current theories about health and disease

    Blogger Jim Edwards, who seems to have mastered the art of traffic-driving lists (also good for “click” rates when you post the list items as separate pages), has done it again with his “10 Weird Health Theories That Just Won’t Go Away.” I won’t make you click 10 times to get the list. Here it [...]

  • Aug 1 2011

    Lucky 13, I guess – new health blog rankings for August

    OK, my blog dropped one spot in the updated monthly rankings from They just sent me an advance look at the new August health blog rankings that they’ll post in a few days. I take some solace in the knowledge that Dr. Wes leapfrogged over me into the #11 spot and he’s a good [...]

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  • Jul 15 2011

    Reminder of our online toolkit: tips for understanding studies

    Many visitors to this site may still be unaware of one important little corner of the site – our “Tips for Understanding Studies.” It’s just a collection of brief little primers on important topics such as: Resources for Reporting on Costs of Medical Interventions Association Versus Causation (primer on limitations of observational studies) “Off-label” Drug [...]

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  • Jul 14 2011

    Why is it called “medical LOSS ratio” when it defines what insurance is supposed to cover?

    Kaiser Health News columnist Michelle Andrews was interviewed in this video, explaining what “medical loss ratio” means to consumers. Medical loss ratio is that intriguing term used for what insurers actually have to spend to cover health care – not what goes to administrative costs, marketing, salaries, profits, etc.

  • Jul 11 2011

    4 Common Health Care Myths – why prevalent assumptions are wrong

    Christine Gorman is a woman after my own heart with her Scientific American column, “4 Common Health Care Myths.” Read the entire column, with her thoughtful analysis. But to wet your whistle, the 4 myths are: 1. There is no harm in routine cancer-screening tests 2. More care is better care 3. Access to medical [...]

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