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  • Jul 6 2010

    Wisdom of the crowds erupts against Slate piece on industry-supported medical education

    “Why Big Pharma should buy your doctor lunch sometimes” is the headline of an article on that has upset many readers. I’m not terribly upset about it because it just seems too naive and misinformed to get upset about. The final line of the piece tells you all you need to know about the [...]

  • Jun 23 2010

    Wisdom of the crowds: news consumers tired of misinterpreted observational studies

    People are not dumb. Even if – or maybe especially if – news stories don’t point out the limitations of observational studies and the fact that they can’t establish cause-and-effect, many readers seem to get it. Here are some of the online user comments in response to a story that is headlined, “Coffee may [...]

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  • Jun 11 2010

    e-patient Dave tells patients and docs to wise up on evidence

    E-patient Dave (Dave deBronkart, diagnosed two years ago with stage 4 kidney cancer), blogs today under the headline, “e-Patients and doctors both, wise up. If you haven’t already.” If you don’t know about Dave, you should. He’s one of the hottest speakers at health care meetings these days. He begins today’s blog: “I’ve only been [...]

  • May 28 2010

    Breast cancer advocate tells LA TV station they’re hyping false hope

    Last Sunday I spoke at the National Breast Cancer Coalition Foundation annual conference. There were about 800 people in the audience, so it’s understandable if I didn’t meet (or don’t remember meeting) breast cancer advocate Sandra Spivey who was in the crowd. She got back home from the meeting and did what I told all [...]

  • Feb 4 2010

    Blogger: “Lights, Camera, Unnecesarean” about NBC Today Show

    Well, the NBC Today Show’s “Inside the O.R.” series this week has certainly generated blogger criticism. Earlier we posted Larry Husten’s scathing review of the segment on atrial fib ablation. Now Amy Romano on the Science & Sensibility blog has written about her concerns about the live cesarean section delivery that was part of the [...]

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  • Jan 27 2010

    Poll: does your doctor practice “participatory medicine”?

    Patient advocate Trisha Torrey writes and talks a lot about “participatory medicine.” Today she writes: “While many of us patients truly want to participate in our own care, we’re not finding a great deal of cooperation from the others who must participate – our providers. Some providers get it! In fact, some are very cooperative, [...]

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  • Dec 18 2009

    Reader questions balance, integrity of NJ web story on medical imaging cutbacks

    A news story – it’s not labeled as an editorial or as an advertisement – on a New Jersey news website bemoaned how “doctors will soon be forced to scale back or discontinue medical imaging services, due to the major reimbursement cuts recently released in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) 2010 Physician [...]

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  • Dec 17 2009

    Hospital chaplain-blogger criticizes CNN menopause disease-mongering

    Thank God for hospital chaplains – and special thanks for those who are also smart bloggers. See this chaplain’s blog (here and here) for how he evaluated a CNN/ story, “Cholesterol jumps with menopause.” The story included this line: “A new study shows beyond a doubt that menopause, not the natural aging process, is responsible [...]

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