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Release on new dry eye drug leaves readers high and dry

2 1/6/2017

Fish oil trade group inflates findings on heart disease risk reduction


More miracle-mongering in City of Hope news release about breast cancer vaccine


Where is the ‘independent clinical study’ touted in this PR release for a joint pain product?


More facts needed in release touting novel implant to improve breast cancer treatment

1 10/28/2016

Alzheimer’s drug study missed the primary endpoint; PR release touts benefits anyway

2 10/20/2016

Otherwise strong release on colonoscopy prep omits the usual: cost, harms and alternatives


Deceptive PR on peppermint oil for irritable bowel: release misrepresents review as endorsing company brand


Even when a release is touting a new dosing formula of an old drug, readers still need evidence


Bayer’s PR release on newly approved IUD for birth control omits costs, novelty