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Allergan announcement on botox for depression obscures negative results


On Amgen’s heels, Bayer follows with data-free release touting ‘overwhelming’ benefit


Take our word for it? Amgen declines to provide study results after sending glowing PR release on Repatha


Release on new dry eye drug leaves readers high and dry

2 1/6/2017

Fish oil trade group inflates findings on heart disease risk reduction


More miracle-mongering in City of Hope news release about breast cancer vaccine


Where is the ‘independent clinical study’ touted in this PR release for a joint pain product?


More facts needed in release touting novel implant to improve breast cancer treatment

1 10/28/2016

Alzheimer’s drug study missed the primary endpoint; PR release touts benefits anyway

2 10/20/2016

Otherwise strong release on colonoscopy prep omits the usual: cost, harms and alternatives