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  • Oct 15 2007

    Stanford team finds blood test to help identify Alzheimer’s disease

    Researchers at Stanford University have developed a potentially pathbreaking blood test that, according to preliminary studies, is able to identify patients with Alzheimer’s disease – an ailment that has been notoriously difficult to diagnose.

  • Aug 10 2010

    Spinal-Fluid Test Is Found to Predict Alzheimer’s

    The story’s suggestion that the spinal fluid analysis used in the study is 100 percent accurate is, in fact, inaccurate. (The "can be 100% accurate" phrase is misleading and unhelpful.) The specificity of the test – about 1/3 of those who tested positive had no evidence of Alzheimer’s – is a big issue.

  • May 2 2012

    Men’s fertility test available for home

    An interesting and fairly informative piece about male infertility with a news hook based on a new fertility test.

  • Oct 10 2012

    Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Memory Decline

    This WebMD report on the results of experiments with a drug to treat Alzheimer’s disease covers the basics, but readers are likely to perceive a bigger research advance than those who see the more-careful AP story we also reviewed.

  • May 1 2006

    Alzheimer’s theory set for drug test

    A provocative new theory suggests that one root cause of Alzheimer’s disease is linked to diabetes — a theory about to be tested in thousands of Alzheimer’s patients given the diabetes drug Avandia in hopes of slowing brain decay.

  • May 8 2013

    Gene test may help guide prostate cancer treatment

    Solid medical conference reporting, with many expert interviews and good context provided.  Goes far beyond the conference presentation itself.

  • Feb 6 2007

    FDA approves breast cancer test

    The FDA approved a new gene test Tuesday to help predict whether women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer will relapse in five or 10 years.

  • Dec 28 2011

    New Blood Test May Rule Out Heart Attacks More Quickly

    This is an important area of research, but inadequately explained in this story.

  • Oct 8 2008

    Firm says test judges risk for common breast cancers

    The story raises appropriate questions about evidence for a new genetic test of a woman’s risk of a common breast cancer. Expert interviews suggest that the test may have more cons than pros.

  • Oct 15 2007

    Blood test for Alzheimer’s

    A new study says we may soon be able to take a simple blood test to find out if we have Alzheimer’s, even years before there is any sign of symptoms.

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