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  • Oct 11 2012

    WSJ’s breathless projections for breath tests

    … regular part of the diagnostic workup. A recent online story in the Wall Street Journal provided a good overview of the development process. It also noted the difficulties in the development of technologies that can identify biomarkers of disease using the patient’s breath rather than their blood stream. But the opening sentence caught my eye, “It’s the ultimate noninvasive medical test: A growing number of health problems can be diagnosed…

  • Jul 26 2010

    New data raising concerns over overdiagnosis & overtreatment of prostate cancer

    …ted to cancers that might never have caused harm. Our study found that aggressive local therapy was provided to most patients diagnosed as having prostate cancer. These results underscore the fact that PSA level, the current biomarker, is not a sufficient basis for treatment decisions. Without the ability to distinguish indolent from aggressive cancers, lowering the biopsy threshold might increase the risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Her…

  • Feb 1 2012

    Readers may be snared in heart journal’s tangled web of conflicts

    …after the supplement’s publication in 2009,  2010 and 2011.   In fact, in that same problematic 2011 issue with the controversial article on fibrates, McCullough also coauthored an article about galectin-3, a diagnostic biomarker for which Alere (previously known as Inverness Medical ) is currently developing a commercial test. The paper also mentions assays that Alere is currently marketing for natriurietic peptides and says they “greatly …

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