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  • May 3 2012

    The limitations of – and explosion in the number of – observational studies

    …ic health and nutrition are based on observational studies, as are those about the environment, climate change and psychology.” The article addresses the “hot area of medical research” – the search for biomarkers. “The presence or absence of the biomarkers in a patient’s blood, some theorized, could indicate a higher or lower risk for heart disease—the biggest killer in the Western world. Yet these biomarkers &…

  • Jul 26 2010

    New data raising concerns over overdiagnosis & overtreatment of prostate cancer

    …ted to cancers that might never have caused harm. Our study found that aggressive local therapy was provided to most patients diagnosed as having prostate cancer. These results underscore the fact that PSA level, the current biomarker, is not a sufficient basis for treatment decisions. Without the ability to distinguish indolent from aggressive cancers, lowering the biopsy threshold might increase the risk of overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Her…

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