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  • Dec 14 2009

    Coffee, Tea May Stall Diabetes

    Another story that was apparently just a re-packaged news release. 

  • Dec 14 2009

    More evidence coffee, tea could prevent diabetes

    This story gave more context and more caveats and in fewer words than a WebMD story on the same study.

  • Apr 10 2007

    Cigarettes, coffee may lower Parkinson’s risk

    People who smoke cigarettes and drink lots of coffee are less likely to get Parkinson’s disease than their family members who don’t indulge in caffeine and nicotine, a new seven-year study shows.

  • Jul 6 2009

    Coffee Talk: Can Caffeine Help Prevent Alzheimer’s?

    News you can use? This was news no one can use yet – because it was in mice. The physician-reporter twice called the study results “very encouraging.” For all the mice in the viewing audience.

  • Sep 25 2006

    Green Tea, Black Coffee

    Coffee or tea? There’s a growing body of research to suggest that both are probably good for you.

  • Oct 31 2012

    The Berry Essence of Fat Burning?

    Maintaining an objective tone, this WSJ piece managed to communicate the silliness of claims being made about raspberry ketone supplements.

  • Jan 3 2013

    Energy Drinks Promise Edge, but Experts Say Proof Is Scant

    We found no glaring problems with the reporting of this valid story, so it gets a top 5-star score.  But we question whether the subject matter warranted front-page attention in a 2,000-word article. (An earlier comment about a BMJ/BBC report has been deleted.  We erroneously connected that report with the subject of this story.  They concerned different product types.)

  • Feb 17 2010

    Aspirin might reduce recurrence risk for breast cancer survivors, study finds

    It is so easy to get a story like this wrong.  But this story mostly got it right. 

  • Sep 5 2012

    Relief for Severe Asthma, at a High Price

    We applaud this story’s attention to an issue than transcends the “study of the day” mentality of most health reporting, but we wish it had attacked the subject with a more careful and evidence-based perspective.

  • Nov 3 2010

    Beet Juice Good for Brain

    We weren’t reviewing a news story here.  We were reviewing a university news release, which was simply rewritten without any apparent independent vetting of claims.

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