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  • Jul 20 2006

    Medical Arms Race

    Jeremy Olson in today’s St. Paul Pioneer Press reports on concerns about the “medical arms race” — “relentless drive to buy the newest technology to stay competitive and offer the industry standard in care.” But, as he reports, that comes with high costs and questions about benefit. You’ve seen the marketing for CT scans, da Vinci robotic surgery systems and the Cyberknife. Read his story. There shoul…

  • Jan 16 2012

    Salt Lake Tribune shows how to scrutinize new technology claims by local hospital

    …8212;————— Related Recent Posts: “$430 Million Proton Beam Center War” – latest chapter playing out in San Diego. Surgeon blogs that robotic surgery is all hype and no substance Cyberknife for prostate cancer “still developing and can’t stand on its feet”     …

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