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  • Oct 26 2006

    Early screening for lung cancer gets mixed reviews

    Testing smokers for lung cancer detects curable early-stage tumors, according to a new study. But the overall benefit remains unclear.

  • Oct 29 2010

    New DNA Tests Aimed at Reducing Colon Cancer

    Not good enough on some key criteria:  costs, evaluating the quality of the evidence, getting independent sources, and comparing the new approaches with existing alternatives.

  • May 18 2011

    HPV test beats Pap for cervical cancer screening

    Rarely do we see so much information gathered and presented in such a clear, compelling way, giving readers appropriate context to understand the evidence on various cancer screenings.

  • Oct 23 2006

    Breast cancer screening test may find disease when mammograms miss

    Mammograms miss about 20 percent of cancers. So many women are encouraged to add another test called radioactive imaging, which is especially useful for women with dense breast tissue.

  • Nov 13 2006

    To have and have not: A better way to screen for lung cancer

    A new report points to a way at last that might cure or substantially lengthen the lives of most of the 163,000 patients lost each year to lung cancer.

  • Aug 17 2009

    The trouble with mammograms

    The idea that screening may be harmful is not often discussed in news stories. This story does a great job explaining this seemingly counter-intuitive point. Vital health policy issue.

  • Oct 3 2006

    Testing Athletes’ Hearts May Cut Deaths

    Testing athletes’ hearts dramatically lowered the rate of sports-related sudden cardiac deaths in Italy.

  • Sep 24 2007

    Should younger women have mammograms?

    Is there a possibility, even slim, that my life could be extended by having a mammogram tomorrow?

  • Dec 12 2005

    “Advance” in PSA test challenged by Hutch research

    An effort to improve a widely used test for prostate cancer is probably not very useful, local researchers have found.

    The “PSA velocity” calculation, which looks at changes in concentrations of a prostate-gland secretion over time, can be affected by age, race, diet and even calcium supplements, researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle reported today.

    Relying on the velocity calculations could lead to unnecessary ‘ biopsies, testing tissue from the prostate, and stress for the patient, said Dr. Alan Kristal, lead scientist in the study, published today in the online version of the journal Cancer.

  • Jun 18 2009

    Three Heart Tests Every Woman Should Know About

    Classic morning show health news garbage – confusing screening and diagnostic tests and confusing viewers. And a glaring error claiming that heart CT scans had no radiation! On which planet?

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