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  • Apr 27 2011

    Excellent analysis of shared decision making as a health care quality issue in Health Affairs

    ion from patients about the decisions they are facing, their health status, what theyknow, and what they care about. Finally, we need to collect systematic data from patients about decision quality and the process of decision making to which they are exposed. All of these elements–the tools and surveys–are currently in routine use in select organizations. Now, we need a commitment to putting these elements in place on a widespread bas…

  • Mar 5 2012

    Data on shared decision-making in prostate cancer surgery & coronary stents decisions

    stents “a lot” or “some”, few (19%) reported talking about the cons. Only 16% said they were asked about their treatment preferences. Conclusions: While prostate cancer surgery patients reported more involvement in decision making than elective stent patients, the reports of both groups document the need for increased efforts to inform and involve patients facing preference-sensitive intervention decisions. Discussion: One possible reason for…

  • Oct 29 2012

    My Health Literacy Month blog series post – the potential for harm in the daily tsunami of health news

    For the second straight year, I’ve published a post in the Health Literacy Month blog series hosted by a company called Emmi Solutions. Shared decision-making was their focus this year, and my entry was entitled, “What is the Impact on Shared Decision Making of the Daily Tsunami of Health News?” ——————————— Every day for the past 6.5 years, I’ve worked with a tea…

  • Sep 30 2010

    New mammography study & new decision-making studies

    We are preparing to review four stories on the new Swedish mammography study. We hope to post those reviews within a few days. Why does it take so long? Our reviewers do not work on this project fulltime and we will have three reviewers evaluate each story. That takes time. We hope you think it’s worth the wait. At the same time, I want to draw attention to a new issue of the journal Medical Decision Making that features several stud…

  • Jun 13 2011

    Men’s Health Week should improve decision-making aspects of its campaign

    … discussing the poor quality of shared decision-making that takes place around prostate cancer issues. The DECISIONS survey found that “most prostate cancer screening decisions did not meet criteria for shared decision making because subjects did not receive balanced discussions of decision consequences, had limited knowledge, and were not routinely asked for their preferences.” Dr. Len Lichtenfeld of the American Cancer Society wrot…

  • Jul 10 2014

    The BBC interviews two of my favorites on risk literacy & shared decision making

    …zine feature, but it’s a nice profile of the work of Gigerenzer – director of the Harding Center for Risk Literacy in Berlin. And it moves from that work, on risk literacy, to Elwyn’s work on shared decision making.  Elwyn is now at The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science and The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. Gerd Gigerenzer     Glyn Elwyn           …

  • May 26 2010

    New evidence about online prostate cancer screening decision aids

    Glyn Elwyn of Cardiff University, along with a team of colleagues, has a paper in the current Journal of Medical Internet Research about their attempt to examine men’s use of an online decision aid for prostate cancer screening. They conclude: “There is evidence that Prosdex (the decision aid) promotes informed decision making in men, and we highlight factors that should inform the future design of decision aids. First, for the popu…

  • Dec 20 2012

    Suggestions for journalists on reporting Dartmouth Atlas data

    …tionally. Disclosure: I know this topic fairly well because I worked at Dartmouth throughout the 90s, right down the hall from many of these Atlas researchers. I was an employee of the Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making and I produced some of the early decision aids in the Foundation’s library. My work is currently supported by that same Foundation, one of whose co-founders was Dr. Jack Wennberg of Dartmouth, whose work was the…

  • Nov 2 2011

    KC TV station report on variations & shared decision-making

    A Kansas City television station produced a good package on local variations in health care practice, and how one medical center is addressing variation by employing shared decision-making. It’s good to see local TV news tackle issues such as this. Worth a look. …

  • Jun 17 2011

    Telling the story of variations in health care and shared decision-making in a TV news story

    With effective graphics and story-telling techniques, Jeff Baillon of KSMP-TV, Minneapolis, reported a solid summary of recent data on variations in health care in the state of Minnesota and how the concept of shared decision-making is being applied to address the issue. Lesson for other TV journalists: it is possible to tackle what some in your newsroom might view as dull, wonkish, health care issues – even within the constraints of local…

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