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  • Jun 17 2011

    Telling the story of variations in health care and shared decision-making in a TV news story

    With effective graphics and story-telling techniques, Jeff Baillon of KSMP-TV, Minneapolis, reported a solid summary of recent data on variations in health care in the state of Minnesota and how the concept of shared decision-making is being applied to address the issue. Lesson for other TV journalists: it is possible to tackle what some in your newsroom might view as dull, wonkish, health care issues – even within the constraints of local…

  • Mar 3 2011

    Jack Wennberg on Bloomberg TV – shared decision-making in health care reform

    Dr. Jack Wennberg, founding director of the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, was interviewed on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart” program, addressing a range of health care reform issues, including the role of shared decision-making. …

  • Jan 24 2011

    Cochrane Review questioning statins = another shared decision-making moment

    …17;t make sense.” The Boston Globe covers the controversy today. But absent in any of the online reactions I’ve read to the Cochrane statins review is any discussion of what an important moment this is for shared decision-making. This is exactly the kind of issue that demands a deep discussion between patient and physician, and a clear communication of what’s known and isn’t known about the tradeoffs of benefits and harm…

  • Sep 4 2012

    Use of patient decision aids may lead to “sharply lower hip/knee surgery rates & costs”

    aids, and is now distributing at the rate of about 900 more each month. It should also be noted that 5 years ago, Washington passed the first state legislation recognizing the use of patient decision aids and “shared decision making” as a higher standard of informed consent. The study was funded by the Commonwealth Fund. The implementation of decision aids was funded in part by the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, which has been the sole su…

  • Mar 3 2010

    “Against backdrop of uncertainty and controversy” ACS updates prostate screening guidelines

    ve health insurance through Medicare, they should be discouraged from participating in community-based screening programs, and should be referred to a primary care provider.” The Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making (disclosure: they support this project) posted a video clip with its president, Dr. Michael Barry, reinforcing the shared decision-making message. For now, the Foundation’s shared decisi…

  • Feb 5 2009

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Wins First Health Journalism Award from Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

    WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 –The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is the first news organization to receive an award for Excellence in Health Journalism from the Boston-based Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making. The Foundation, which presented the award yesterday at its Research and Policy Forum in Washington DC, chose the Milwaukee newspaper because of its consistently high ratings by That web-based project, funded by …

  • Mar 7 2012

    Important shared decision-making questions on knee replacement surgery

    MedPage Today (and a few others) report on an important article in The Lancet on knee replacement and how “Because replacement is increasingly considered for patients younger than 55 years, improved decision making about whether a patient should undergo the procedure is needed.” MedPage Today reports that long-term data on knee replacement is inadequate in the eyes of the authors,  “leaving clinicians and patients in the dark a…

  • Oct 1 2012

    Two pieces on related themes of geographic variations in health care on need for shared decision-making

    Shannon Brownlee and Joe Colucci write in The Atlantic, “The Cost of Assuming Doctors Know Best” – “patient decision aids are powerful quality-improving, cost-cutting tools — but change is stalled by bad financial incentives.” And, on Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog for the Washington Post, Sarah Kliff writes, “Will your doctor prescribe antibiotics? Depends on where you live.“ …

  • Nov 12 2014

    A 15-year retrospective on a shared decision-making encounter, a lawsuit, and not winning

    I didn’t see any news coverage of Dr. Dan Merenstein’s article in JAMA Internal Medicine last week, “PSA Screening — I Finally Won!” Maybe there was some reporting but I missed it. But if there wasn’t any news coverage, maybe that’s understandable.  It was “just” a perspective piece.  It’s based on old news – a followup to a 1999 incident when Merenstein, as a third-year resident,…

  • Apr 23 2010

    Overdiagnosis in cancer & role of shared decision-making

    Gil Welch and Bill Black of Dartmouth address cancer overdiagnosis in a new review article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Excerpt from the abstract: “We estimated the magnitude of overdiagnosis from randomized trials: about 25% of mammographically detected breast cancers, 50% of chest x-ray and/or sputum-detected lung cancers, and 60% of prostate-specific antigen-detected prostate cancers. We also review data from observ…

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