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  • Feb 9 2010

    Overactive marketing of drugs for overactive bladder

    Overactive bladder is one of the poster children for disease-mongering. Some have written that it’s a “created new disease.” Others have analyzed that its prevalence has been over-estimated. The folks at (Best Pills, Worst Pills – a project of the Public Citizen’s Health Research Group) write that there are huge questions about the drugs created to treat it: “All of the drugs currently appro…

  • Feb 10 2011

    Pioneer Press publishes my call for balance in cancer screening messages

    …ally harmful for some readers. When the Pioneer Press reported “Hastings hospital’s mammogram parties offer women a dose of pampering to calm the nerves (January 19, 2011),” it quoted two different hospital marketing people promoting their “Mingle & Mammograms” parties. The story described pampering, appetizers, chocolate, sparking cider or wine, flowers, swag bags, massages, foot reflexology, and cuticle para…

  • Aug 6 2010

    Which drug marketing is misleading this week?

    The Dow Jones Newswire carries a story that tells us: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Novartis AG’s (NVS, NOVN.VX) use of a Facebook tool on the website for cancer drug Tasigna violated regulations by presenting misleading information about the drug. The agency also said in letters posted on its website this week that Novartis used a misleading brochure for its blood-pressure drug Exforge, and that AstraZeneca PLC (AZN, …

  • Nov 9 2010

    The ink isn’t dry on the lung CA screening study, but the marketing has begun

    On an American Cancer Society blog, David Sampson, ACS director of medical and scientific communications, writes: “It’s only been a few days since researchers released preliminary results of a major trial of early detection of lung cancer in heavy smokers using CT scans. At the time, the American Cancer Society and others (including the authors themselves) expressed cautious optimism, with emphasis on the cautious, saying that alth…

  • Jun 8 2012

    Examples of medical marketing for the week: full body skin cancer scans, robotic hysterectomy

    Both of these were sent to me by journalists: An email pitch letter from a medical group: Medical Office has First Full Body Scanner to Protect Against Skin Cancer Dear xxxxx, We thought that this might make for a very interesting and informative article. With the approach of summer break, this is a time when most people head outdoors. It’s important for people to remember to protect their families against one of the most common forms of c…

  • Oct 31 2012

    More Pfizer Pfun

    The Alt_Mentalities website published a piece, “Lemons into Lemonade: How an off-label marketing fine can be good for business,” tracking Pfizer’s journey through fines for off-label marketing of Neurontin and, later, for Lyrica and other drugs. Punchline question in the piece: “Was taking the hit for off-label marketing in 2004 all part of a plan to boost sales for forthcoming Lyrica, now the star performer in the Pfizer…

  • May 3 2013

    Knee replacement surgery isn’t like peeling an apple; things young prospective patients should know

    …many other viewers.  I may choose to pursue knee replacement surgery someday (maybe some day soon if my once-torn ACL in one knee and torn meniscus in the other knee keep barking at me).  But I’m going to want more than marketing wizardry to convince me of any given device or any given approach. The ads get cute with the young ages of the people depicted.  Yes, there are young people with knee arthritis and, of those, there is a smaller sub…

  • Oct 8 2013

    Bloomberg continues bulldog reporting on robotic surgery risks

    See Robert Langreth’s piece, “Robot Surgery Damaging Patients Rises With Marketing.” Langreth reflects on a familiar tale: Promotions that emphasize benefits, minimize or ignore harms “another breakthrough in robotic surgery” “Star Wars” comparisons Excerpt from the story: “Robotic surgeries are on the rise, fueled by aggressive marketing by doctors, hospitals and Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISRG), …

  • Oct 4 2013

    Best practices for pink ribbon promotions

    … Practices also encourage companies to use a “Donation Information Label,” akin to a nutrition label, that will include this information in a clear and uniform format. Allow Consumers to Easily Determine Donation Amount In marketing their products, companies should use a fixed dollar amount – such as 50 cents for every purchase – rather than generic phrases like “a portion of proceeds” will go to charity. Be Transparen…

  • Jan 27 2011

    Mingle & mammograms parties – more incomplete info promoting screening

    …#8216;Mingle & Mammograms’ parties offer food, drink and spa treatments to ease the fears and discomfort associated with the procedure, and to encourage women to get screened every year.” It’s hospital marketing. And the story quotes several hospital marketing people. So it’s hospital marketing through the newspaper – unpaid for. The story nods – briefly – in the direction of a discussion of evid…

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