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Reuters Health lays out pros and cons of high resolution screening for heart patients; skimps on study limitations


Reuters Health carefully hedges results of study on mild shocks for migraines

1 2/1/2017

Reuters Health provides balanced look at alternative remedies for premature ejaculation


Reuters Health succinctly and accurately summarizes study looking at bystander CPR and survivor rates

2 12/23/2016

Reuters rehashes news release in story on deep-sea laser treatment for prostate cancer


Reuters Health briefly but aptly reports survey findings of partner-assisted skin exams for melanoma survivors


Reuters Health story on light therapy for drivers is a shining example of solid medical journalism


Reuters Health story wisely notes limitations of NEJM study on treating mini-strokes


Saturday sleep-ins help prevent diabetes? Small, preliminary study got more attention than it deserved

5 10/28/2015

News release-based story on cancer drug lacks most of what readers need