December 5, 2016 | Story Review

LA Times strikes the right balance by reporting evenly on both harms and benefits of ‘magic mushrooms’ for cancer patients

The story discusses the potential benefits in depth, which is good, but fails to quantify those benefits, which was a weak point.

4 Star

Ingredient in magic mushrooms is shown to ease anxiety and depression in cancer patients in one dose

December 2, 2016 | Story Review

STAT’s roundup of allergy treatment research needed discussion of costs

Parents curious about these forthcoming treatments are likely already wondering if they’ll be affordable, but the story skirts any discussion of pricing.

4 Star

Allergy treatments enter a new era — with a focus on stopping reactions before they start

November 30, 2016 | Story Review

AP story on skin patch sweat monitor may make readers wonder: News or marketing?

The story rightly cautions that the technology is “experimental” and notes that additional research is needed. But if that’s the case, it’s not clear why this is newsworthy

2 Star


November 30, 2016 | Story Review

Thorough WSJ report on insomnia treatments would have benefited from cost comparison

Because it lacks information on costs, readers can’t answer an important question: Can I afford it?

4 Star

Can’t Get to Sleep? Lay Off the Drugs

November 29, 2016 | Story Review

NPR story says older patients ‘can benefit’ from lung cancer surgery, but study didn’t show that

Unfortunately the story relies more on patient anecdotes than evidence.

2 Star

Older Patients Can Benefit From Lung Cancer Surgery

November 21, 2016 | Story Review

Bloomberg’s conflicted sources ‘love’ new cholesterol drugs — readers need to know about financial relationships with pharma

Financially-minded readers want to make a good investment not predicated on hype, and readers want to take a safe, effective drug.

3 Star

Amgen’s Repatha Unclogs Arteries in Good Sign for Future Sales

November 18, 2016 | Story Review

Thorough and well-done: AP story on Vivitrol injections for inmates with opioid use disorder

This story’s focus on cautionary aspects of the drug’s use and marketing does a nice job of illuminating the complexity of drug introductions.

5 Star


November 17, 2016 | Story Review 1

New statin guidelines: WaPo story wisely mentions ongoing debate about their overuse

Despite an alarmist headline, this story on statin therapy is relatively thorough, with some notable exceptions.

3 Star

New statin guidelines: Everyone 40 and older should be considered for the drug therapy


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