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  • Jan 28 2015

    DNA Blood Test Gives Women A New Option For Prenatal Screening

    Prenatal screening tests should not be confused with diagnostic tests. This story explains why.

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  • Jan 27 2015

    Day Tripping: Benefits Seen in Psychedelics

    An initial version of this story had a trippy quote from one of the study researchers. We’re glad that this sensational language and other deficiencies were addressed in subsequent editing. The revised version is much better.

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  • Jan 26 2015

    Is proton therapy the ‘magic bullet’ for cancer?

    This online piece – and the slickly produced video within it – were apparently done for CNN International and a segment called “Make, Create, Innovate.”  We suggest, instead, an approach that would discuss “Data,  Evidence, Costs”  and more.

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  • Jan 25 2015

    Study Hints That ‘Video Feedback’ Therapy May Help Curb Autism

    Aided by caveats in a concluding quote from an independent expert, this story was appropriately cautious about the value of an experimental approach for children at risk of autism. But it should have warned readers that the findings were not statistically significant. We offer training to help journalists make these judgments.

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  • Jan 23 2015

    Researchers in Italy Found Bergamot Lowered Blood Cholesterol

    Meeting most of our criteria for quality health journalism, this solid Wall Street Journal “Aches and Claims” column helps readers sort out research on a potential cholesterol-lowing supplement.

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  • Jan 22 2015

    Drinking beetroot juice reduces high blood pressure, trial shows

    Medical News Today

    This is the second Medical News Today story that we’ve reviewed in as many weeks that relies almost entirely on a news release. We hope that’s not the start of a pattern.

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  • Jan 21 2015

    Mohs surgery: Minimal scars vs. high cost

    This insightful piece explores the cost-benefit tradeoffs of Mohs surgery — a procedure that involves excising cancerous skin tumors and immediately examining them with a microscope to confirm that the entire tumor is removed. But it’s a bit one-sided: the story does not address the harms and limitations of the procedure. And the cost issues raised by the story are not as thoroughly explored as we’d have liked.

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  • Jan 20 2015

    When Bariatric Surgery’s Benefits Wane, This Procedure Can Help

    Tackling a very interesting topic — weight regain after bariatric surgery — this story could’ve used a bit more scrutiny of the evidence that underlies the claims.

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  • Jan 19 2015

    FDA approves a device for weight loss

    This story was strong in explaining how a new, surgically implanted weight loss device is thought to work. But it didn’t caution readers about potential harms of the procedure — a significant omission.

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  • Jan 17 2015

    Blueberries May Lower Blood Pressure

    This story asks if a cup of blueberries can keep the doctor away. The answer should have been much clearer.

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