July 24, 2015 | Story Review 1

WSJ business story on Alzheimer’s drugs missed key aspects of health angle

This business story checked some of our boxes, but fell short on the key criteria that we think readers needed in this discussion of new Alzheimer’s drugs.

3 Star

Lilly’s Alzheimer’s Drug May Slow Patients’ Decline, Study Shows Separate study shows experimental Biogen drug also holds promise

July 23, 2015 | Story Review 1

A pill that neutralizes gluten? Fox rehash of a CBC story reflects polluted health news stream

A poor-quality news release spawned weak coverage from the CBC, which is paraphrased here by Fox with even less context and nuance. Failure on many levels.

1 Star

Pill may make pizza, pasta safe for gluten-free diners

July 23, 2015 | Story Review

Can you jog away from an early grave? This story gives a well-supported, evidence-based answer

How fast should you run to live longer? This story provides clear answer based on the best available evidence.

4 Star

What’s The Optimal Speed For Exercise?

July 22, 2015 | Story Review

Strong look at evidence underlying saliva test for Alzheimer’s

The tone of this story is appropriately calibrated to the preliminary nature of the evidence on offer, with good discussion of study limitations.

3 Star

Could a Saliva Test Help Spot Alzheimer's?

July 22, 2015 | Story Review

Saliva test for Alzheimer’s? Bare-bones report misses a host of concerns

This was a weak, incomplete report about a preliminary study of a saliva test to identify Alzheimer’s disease.

1 Star

Alzheimer’s May Show Up in Saliva

July 19, 2015 | Story Review

Thoughtful and thorough coverage on prenatal tests’ ability to find cancer in mothers

Going beyond the individual stories of the women whose cancers were detected by prenatal testing, this WSJ piece explores the underlying study data as well as the ethical and social issues raised by the research.

5 Star

Prenatal Blood Tests Could Detect Cancer in Mothers

July 19, 2015 | Story Review

Prenatal testing finds mother’s cancer — but CBS lost an opportunity to explain research’s broader relevance

The story about one woman’s experience packed an emotional punch, but lacked details and context that would have made it more useful and informative for readers.

2 Star

Prenatal testing can detect cancer in pregnant mothers

July 17, 2015 | Story Review

Costs and risks spelled out clearly in NBC report on statins

Great explanation of costs, risks, and benefits. We would have liked to have seen a deeper examination of the quality of the evidence and more voices from outside the study.

4 Star

More People Should Get Statins, Report Says


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