Health News Review
  • Jan 29 2013

    For Early Cancer, Lumpectomy Beats Mastectomy for Survival: Study

    After all of the research about lumpectomy & radiation versus mastectomy, what made this study new and significant? This story should have done a better job of explaining what made this a “more real-world study.”

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  • Jan 24 2013

    Vanda sleep drug effective in second late-stage trial

    A 275-word story that apparently came directly from a drug company news release. It leaves the reader with no new and meaningful information about the drug or disorder it targets.

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  • Jan 23 2013

    Drug Is Shown to Help Pancreatic Cancer Cases

    A business story that is just as meaningful to patients and their family members as it is to investors.

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  • Jan 23 2013

    FDA Approves 1st Skin Patch to Combat Migraines

    In fewer than 500 words, this story managed to satisfactorily address 7 of our 10 criteria.

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  • Jan 22 2013

    The other incontinence

    It is rare that we see a story include so much in one package:  educational background on the condition (fecal incontinence), interviews with 5 sources, some discussion of at least a half dozen treatment options.  Our critique includes a few bits of constructive criticism.

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  • Jan 17 2013

    Women With A Berry-Snacking Habit May Have Healthier Hearts

    Best story out of the three reviewed on berries and heart attacks. NPR quotes an independent expert who talks about the study’s limitations – something that the HealthDay and TIME stories failed to do.

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  • Jan 17 2013

    Berries Linked to Lower Heart Disease Among Women

    Better than HealthDay, but not as good as NPR. There is no mention of the study’s limitations.  Our reviewers thought this piece reads like an endorsement of berries and that the research is definitive. It is not.

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  • Jan 17 2013

    Berries May Cut Heart Attack Risk in Women, Study Says

    The HealthDay story failed on many fronts – no mention of the study’s limitations, no mention of harms, and a touting of the benefits of berries without further discussion of the evidence. 2 stars here, 3 for TIME, 4 for NPR.

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  • Jan 12 2013

    IUD Might Ease Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, Study Suggests

    This story reports a new study of an established treatment: the medicated IUD used not to prevent pregnancy, but to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. But the story falls short on several of our key criteria.

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  • Jan 10 2013

    Experimental drug may help people with bipolar disorder

    It would have been helpful if the story had pursued the question about out how long it typically takes a lab discovery of this nature to go to market as an available treatment (if it proves effective in humans). Instead, a mouse study that was inadequately explained was headlined as if the “drug may help people.”

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