List of Industry-Independent Experts

Conflicts of interest in healthcareIn 2008, Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer explained in The BMJ how journalists often forget that conflicts of interest may bias the opinions of their expert sources. So they compiled a list of more than 100 independent health care experts to whom reporters can turn. We have hosted that list on our site. (We recorded interviews with Brownlee and Lenzer for a podcast so you could hear from them directly.)

The list has always included a secondary group of experts with a variety of potential conflicts. Some of these experts have ended their industry ties – but only within the past five years. Others may have current financial conflicts of interest. These experts, despite their commercial ties, are included in the list because they have provided important insights into the inner workings of industry – effectively biting the hand that fed them in some instances –and/or because their conflicts did not limit their ability to comment in areas unrelated to the conflicts.

Beginning on July 1, 2017, we offer an updated, revised list.

Members of our list of independent experts state that they do not have financial ties to drug or medical device manufacturers. Interested journalists seeking access to the complete list with contact information, please submit a Request Form. These requests are reviewed by Brownlee, Lenzer, Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD of Georgetown, and publisher Gary Schwitzer. Once approved, journalists will receive access to a spreadsheet with contact information for the individuals listed.

Specialists and specialty research interests on the list

There are a lot of people listing specialties and specialty research interests on the list, including: emergency medicine, psychiatry/psychology, breast cancer, preventive medicine, public health, neurology, cardiology, bioethics, dermatology, pharmacology, orthopedic surgery, hematology/oncology, health law, palliative medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, brain injury, alternative/complementary/integrative medicine,  etc.

But about half of the people on the list are primary care physicians.  There are also non-physician members with specialty interests in ethics, drug promotion, direct-to-consumer advertising, disease-mongering, pharmaceutical policy, pharmacy compounding, drug costs, drug and device approval, conflicts of interest, health systems, insurance, politics of healthcare, regulatory affairs, research methodology, reporting of research studies, publication ethics, bias, pseudoscience, risk literacy, shared decision-making, predictive analytics, heuristics in medicine, epidemiology, health disparities, medical errors, overdiagnosis, overtreatment, child development, etc.

Journalists shouldn’t be discouraged if they don’t find a specialist on the list in the sub-specialty field they’re covering.  Many of the primary care physicians on the list and non-physicians on the list are expert in helping people learn how to evaluate evidence and improve critical thinking about health care claims.  And many people on the list would be pleased to suggest others who could be interviewed on a given topic.  So journalists can use the list as a door-opener to more complete stories.

What follows is an ever-changing list of just the names of people on the list.

Alter Harrison MD, MS
Andrew Louise B MD, JD
Antonuccio David PhD
Arnold Paul MD
Attai Deanna MD
Baretich Matt PhD, PE
Barrett Bruce MD, PhD
Barry Michael MD
Batt Sharon PhD
Bero Lisa PhD
Bezruchka Stephen MD, MPH
Boylan Laura MD
Braillon Alain MD, PhD
Breggin Peter MD
Brewer Phillip MD
Brezis Mayer MD, MPH
Brito de Sá Armando MD, PhD
Brophy James MD, PhD
Brown Michael MD
Brown David MD
Cassels Alan MPA
Chatterjee Pranab MD
Cifu Adam MD
Cook-Deegan Robert MD
Cosgrove Lisa PhD
Davis John MD
De Fiore Luca PhD
Del Mar Chris MD
Deyo Richard MD, MPH
Diller Lawrence MD
Ebell Mark MD
Egilman David MD
Elliott Carl MD, PhD
Elpern David MD
Ewen Margaret PhD
Fatovich Daniel MD, PhD
Fingerman Eileen MD
Ford Anne Rochon Ms.
Freedhoff Yoni MD
Furberg Curt MD, PhD
Gagnon Marc-Andre PhD
Gavilán Enrique MD
Gervas Juan MD, PhD
Gomes Luís Filipe MD
Goozner Merrill MS
Gøtzsche Peter C MD
Heath Iona MD
Heneghan Carl DPhil
Henry David MD
Herder Matthew JSM, LLM
Himmelstein David MD
Hoffman Jerome MD
Hoffman Geoffrey PhD
Hoffmann Tammy PhD
Holland Earle Bachelor’s degree
Ioannidis John MD, DSc
James John PhD
Jarvinen Teppo MD, PhD
Jefferson Tom MD
Jenny Mirjam PhD
Juni Peter MD
Jureidini Jon MD, PhD
Kassirer Jerome MD
Kim Scott MD, PhD
Kramer Peter MD
Kramer Barry MD, MPH
Krimsky Sheldon PhD
Labos Christopher MD
Lacasse Jeffrey PhD
Lederer Philip MD
Lederle Frank MD
Lemmens Trudo DCL (doctorate in law)
Leo Jonathan PhD
Lexchin Joel MD
Light Donald PhD
Lin Kenneth MD, MPH
Lippman Abby PhD
Macklin Ruth PhD
Mansfield Peter OAM BMBS
Mayer Dan MD
Meier Diane MD
Millar john MD
Mintzes Barbara PhD
Musini Vijaya MD
Otte Jessica MD
Perry Tom MD
Pizzanelli Miguel MD, MSc
Pollock Allyson MD, MPH
Ponte Jose MD, PhD, FRCA
Poses Roy MD
Prasad Vinay MD, MPH
Price Amy PhD
Radecki Ryan MD
Redberg Rita MD
Rind David MD
Rosen Charles MD
Rosenlicht Nicholas MD
Rubin Robert T MD, PhD
Salomon Jean-Claude MD
Sasich Larry PharmD
Schriger David MD, MPH
Schwartz LIsa MD
Sharav Vera Mrs.
Shaughnessy Allen PharmD, MMedEd
Shnier Adrienne PhD, JD Candidate
Siwek Jay MD
Slawson David MD
So Anthony MD, MPA
Solomon Robert MD
Spiesel Sydney MD, PhD
Susman Jeff MD
Tiefer Leonore PhD
Tikkinen Kari MD, PhD
Tsai Alexander MD, PhD
Turner Erick MD
Urato Adam MD
Ward Ed MD
Watson Gretchen LeFever PhD
Weed Harrison MD
Weiss Noel MD, DrPH
Whitehouse Peter MD, PhD
Whittle Jeff MD, MPH
Wilkes Michael MD, PhD, MPH
Wolfe Sidney MD
Woloshin Steven MD
Woolhandler Steffie MD
Wright James MD, PhD
Zuckerman Diana PhD