May 26, 2017 | Story Review

Cautions and caveats help buoy Guardian story on using high platelet count for cancer detection

The story’s headline–“High Blood Platelet Count ‘As Good A Cancer Predictor as a Lump in the Breast”–is unfortunate, though, because it suggests to the reader that the blood test is a test for breast cancer (it isn’t a test for any specific cancer or any cancer period) and infers that most breast lumps are cancerous (the vast majority are not).

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High blood platelet count 'as good a cancer predictor as a lump in the breast,’

May 26, 2017 | News Release Review

Examining stem cell activity in petri dishes and in rats doesn’t put us in shouting distance of a treatment for tendons

It’s premature to draw conclusions about the potential of treating inflamed tendons with stem cells based on this very preliminary work.

2 Star

Stem cells may significantly improve tendon healing by regulating inflammation

May 24, 2017 | News Release Review

‘Holy grail of food allergy treatment?’ Food allergies weren’t even part of this 2-person study

The release should have been more clear that this study has significant limitations in both sample size and duration of effect and that nothing is known about whether this effect can be repeated usefully, reliably or safely.

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New cancer drug can prevent reactions to common airborne allergens

May 23, 2017 | Story Review

Could an expensive chemotherapy drug treat severe asthma? It’s too soon to know

Considering how preliminary this trial is, there’s not a lot of news value to lay readers who are hoping for new asthma treatment options.

4 Star

Could Cancer Drug Gleevec Help With Severe Asthma?


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