July 25, 2017 | News Release Review

MD Anderson gives proton therapy careful treatment in study recap

Small study size gets overshadowed by survival emphasis in cancer release.

4 Star

Concurrent chemotherapy, proton therapy improves survival in patients with advanced lung cancer

July 25, 2017 | Story Review

To taper or not to taper off opioids? Vox lays out strengths and weaknesses of new study

Readers are expertly walked through the study’s weaknesses as well as an important related issue: The troubles of trying to treat people for chronic pain without using opioids, and how access to such care is problematic.

5 Star

A new study suggests it’s possible to get people off opioids and improve their pain

July 24, 2017 | Story Review

Laser treatment for eye ‘floaters’–HealthDay notes small study size, but not cost or risks

The risks and expense of the treatment must be taken into account when deciding to treat a benign disorder.

3 Star

Laser Therapy Shows Promise Against Eye 'Floaters'

July 24, 2017 | News Release Review

Summary of laser treatment for eye floaters promotes potentially unwarranted use

Eye floaters are a normal part of aging and many people adapt to having them. In some cases, floaters settle at the bottom of the eye where they don’t interfere with vision.

3 Star

Laser Treatment Reduces Eye Floaters


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