Reporters & McCain's health care campaign canard

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Trudy Lieberman writes:

The Rocky Mountain News’s coverage of John McCain’s campaign stop in Denver last week raises an important issue for reporters, especially those covering the election: Do you let a candidate’s remarks stand unchallenged even if they are wrong or misleading?

McCain had come to town to talk mostly about health care, the paper reported, noting that the topic took up a large part of his hour-long speech. The News offered all too typical coverage of such talks, however—bits and pieces on a lot of topics, with quotes here and there. We do learn that on health care, McCain urged states to take a leadership role in reform, and that he pumped his tax credit aimed at helping Americans buy health insurance. In the next graph, the paper said that McCain’s rationale for the tax credits “is that making major reforms and using government to work through the problem will affect the quality of coverage for Americans—which he called the best in the world.???

The best health care in the world? McCain has asserted that before and so have other politicians. No doubt we will hear it again. But the evidence says otherwise.

Read the whole piece and see some of her reminders about Clinton’s and Obama’s less-than-true campaign comments.

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