The good and the ugly in TV health news

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Last weekend I watched examples of the good and the ugly in TV health news.

The good was a segment on Bill Moyers Journal on PBS, in which journalist Melody Petersen discussed her new book, “Our Daily Meds,” and how drug companies sell their products.

The ugly was on CNN’s House Call during which CNN again gave unsupported, non-evidence-based health test advice to women of various age groups. And they featured an interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom,” in which they let the author get away with saying – unchallenged:

“I had a big old fibroid, big as a soccer ball, right side, OK? Right side, typically the masculine side, or the men in your life. And I believe that fibroids, which 40 percent of women have, are creativity that hasn’t been burst yet, or they are creative energy that we have pushed into a dead end job or a relationship.”

There was no counter to that statement, no challenge, not even a look of incredulity. What did that mean?
What kind of journalism is that to let someone say that on the air without explanation? Believe me, it burst my bubble when I heard it!

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