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Earlier this year, when I published our data on our first two years’ experience on the project, I thought that surely leading U.S. journalism publications such as Columbia Journalism Review or American Journalism Review would be interested in some kind of summary.

Wrong. Not a word of interest.

But internationally, journalism bloggers from several countries picked up on the story immediately. And now a German journalism magazine, Message: Internationale Zeitschrift für Journalismus, has republished the PLoS Medicine article.



I hope we can get an international discussion started – backed by the experiences of my colleagues on the Media Doctor Australia and Media Doctor Canada projects.

Our combined pool of news stories reviewed in the 3 countries now totals over 2,000 – a very clear picture which shows how many news stories across the globe fail to deliver important details on health news stories such as:

• How much is this going to cost?
• How small is the potential benefit?
• How large are the potential harms?

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