A story that sucked about a procedure that sucks

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Someone stop me if you ever hear me say that I’ve seen the worst TV health news piece. The bottom keeps dropping.

This piece is a contender for bottom-dweller.

(Note: before you can actually enjoy the piece, you’ll have to watch a CBS promo in this clip for all the awards they’ve won. And you’ll see at the end their tagline, “Very Good News.” This piece, I warn you, will not win an award and was NOT very good news.)

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Let’s recap:

A young woman whom the anchorman calls “healthy…gorgeous” but who wants to rid herself of a tiny fat pouch in her belly gets lunchtime liposuction. The surgeon comes on the set with her to chat with the anchorman. But in more than 5 minutes (an eternity in TV news!), they fail to discuss:

• evidence
• how widely the costs vary from the $3,000 the promoting-surgeon cited
• whether insurance pays for it.

Viewers should ask themselves: if this “healthy, gorgeous” young woman wanted to have a little fat pouch removed and if she were in your insurance pool and if insurance covered it, would you want your premiums to go up as a result?

Why don’t we have news stories about that?

That would be journalism. This was free advertising: 5 minutes worth!

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Quinn Eastman

February 23, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Isn’t cosmetic surgery generally NOT covered by insurance?
At least they didn’t plug the company that makes the pencil-sized fat sucker.


February 26, 2009 at 2:49 pm

What is our nation becoming? One day we will have to really take a look at what we’ve become…I put part of the blame on our “celebrity culture”.