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By zero we mean zero stars – our lowest score – on

The ABC program’s segment last week, “Life Saving Test: How One Minute Can Save Your Life,” received one of our rare ZERO scores.

One of our reviewers even ran a stopwatch on the “one minute” test.

It took 5 minutes on live TV. Maybe it’s the lights.

But how long the test took was a relatively minor issue.

The segment was so bad that a leading gastroenterologist wrote to me asking us to review the story – something that was already underway when he wrote. I know he wrote to an ABC News producer as well. But that producer has told me he doesn’t share our reviews with his staff because he doesn’t think they are fair.

Maybe he likes the criticism of the letter-writing gastroenterologist better – who used terms like “disservice to the public…distorted…sensationalized…served fear and commercialized interests.”

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