Inspired by the health journalists I met with in NY

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I was very fortunate this week to meet – in total – with more than 100 very smart people who are dedicated to quality improvement in health journalism.

My visit to New York included:

• a talk to the NY chapter of the Association of Health Care Journalists at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Twitter accounts of this presentation can be found using the #ahcjnyc hashtag.

• two days of meetings with various editorial and other folks at Consumer Reports. For years health care consumer advocates have said, “There’s no Consumer Reports for health.” Well there is now and there actually has been for some time. It may be under-appreciated that there are some very smart people at CR thinking very hard and long every day about how to educate consumers on vital health care and health care reform issues.

• a chance to talk with editorial folks at the American Journal of Nursing – again a very savvy group whose work may be under-appreciated. Think about the dominance of physician-dominated journals promoting a medical model of health care and you’ll see why it’s important to consider the perspectives and issues of other key health care providers like nurses – and why this Journal is important. Thanks to the AJN blog for a plug about our work and about our visit earlier today.

I think I contributed a little to these groups in my meetings in NYC this week, but I took away a lot – including new inspiration about how much quality journalistic work is being done in many different venues on vital health care and health care reform topics.

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