What will Snyderman’s one-hour program be like? We can only guess.

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Several people have asked me to comment on the news that Nancy Snyderman, M.D., chief medical editor for NBC News, will anchor a one-hour daily show about health news and issues that will air on MSNBC beginning June 29.

I can’t comment on a program that hasn’t begun to air yet.

I can only point toward past reviews of Dr. Snyderman’s work.


Birth Control for Men: May 5, 2009

Excerpt of review: “In almost every way, this story overstates the benefits and essentially ignores the risks and limitations of testosterone injections for male contraceptive use.”

Can you recover from autism? April 17, 2009

Excerpt of review: “This story dangles hope of recovery in front of parents of children diagnosed with autism. Indeed, the word “hope” is invoked four times. However, the story provides neither evidence that the therapy program is responsible for the improvement in the featured patient nor any details of how this intervention differs from standard therapies used to manage the symptoms of autism.”

Lose weight while you sleep? February 9, 2009

Excerpt of review: “NBC gave 5.5 minutes of free publicity to Glamour magazine’s pseudo-scientific experiment, then made bold, baseless projections that women would “probably add about 7 years to their life”. Amazing.”

Today’s Matters of the Heart: Dr. Nancy’s Personal Wake-up Call; February 4, 2009

Excerpt of review: “A 6-minute segment almost completely devoid of evidence and data, riding the single personal anecdote of the network’s medical editor. Disease-mongering. Incomplete story on heart CT scans.”

Nothing but miracles, breakthroughs, rainbows and unicorns for Today Show; February 5, 2008

Networks’ pro-screening enthusiasm; March 30, 2007

These were all short segments.

Imagine what they can do with a full hour!

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